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Entertainment & The Arts

Specialized Accounting Services for the Entertainment Industry

With entertainment being one of modern life's necessities, it's a great time to get your creativity out to the world without having to worry about your money situation. Videographers, Actors, Producers, Directors, Musicians, Fine Artists, and any other type of entertainers and creators can benefit from the knowledgeable, trustworthy, and experienced people at Boatman Accounting. We have experience working with SAG, AFTRA, ASCAP, Actors Equity, IATSE, and other unions. We know how to review paychecks to calculate accurate commissions to Agents, Managers and Lawyers. We know that the entertainment industry is a whole other financial world with different write-offs and that requires a specific skillset.

We've worked with Blue Chip Art Galleries and Well Known Talent Agencies. We understand the quickly changing face of arts and entertainment and the unique needs of those in this exciting industry. That's why we use the newest accounting applications and bookkeeping software to make sure you are always on the top of the charts, know exactly where your money is, and what tax credits you may qualify for. Let us be the bridge between your artistic vision and the financial side of doing business. You make the world a brighter, more entertaining place, and we'll keep your books in order.

We offer full business management services in addition to our bookkeeping, CFO and tax services.

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